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What Business Owners think of Cosmic Bills

Hi All,

Just letting the Reckon Community know, we have been using CosmicBills https://cosmicbills.com/ to load our bills in our Hosted account. This process work exceptionally well. It has streamlined our Accounts payable substantially. No more data entry of Bills!!!!. Chandra and his team have worked tirelessly to refine his product and the package and process is now seamless…big shout out to Chandra. Great customer service and a man that listens and responds to his customers. The products CosmicBills is worth trying, you will be pleased..Happy to discuss with potential users

Robert Fava, Director Boxes TO GO

Hi everyone,

I am a Finance Manager at a medium size entity and we have recently started using Cosmic Bills for accounts payable. We have been able to automate the function and save number of hours manually entering bills as well as avoid human errors. I highly recommend it as its very cost effective and easy to use. Also the staff at Cosmic Bills are very attentive and happy to assist with any queries which we have had. It been a very easy process to integrate with Reckon Hosted and roll it out to our staff.

It is worth trying!


If you want a program to to process your accounts payable have a look at Cosmic Bills https://cosmicbills.com/RAH/#/login

Its a great bit of tech process’s your tax invoices in minutes not hours

You can email pdf tax invoices from your email or drag and drop from your computer.

Great piece of technology to use with Reckon Hosted

Melinda Jane Koth

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Try our new innovated UI you can easily:

1. Upload in minutes

2. Edit with ease description, Qty, Unit Price and even GST.

3  Approve then send to Xero

4. All Bills stored in cloud


3 Reasons You Should Automate Your Bills Using Cosmic Bills To Xero

The first step in your path to financial freedom is Automation. Once you’ve automated your bills, you can practically leave the world behind. If you want your bills extracted to Xero, you will love Cosmic Bills so much.
Not all bill software is the same, so let’s examine why a platform like Cosmic Bills beats the competition and why you should start automating your bills today. I’m going to walk through 5 reasons you should automate your bills using Cosmic Bill and leave the reasoning in your hands.

  1. Cosmic Bill is connected to Xero. Once you scan your PDF files to Cosmic Bill, you can easily upload your scan bills to Xero.
  2. Save Time and Energy. Automating your bills saves you time by doing it for you. You don’t have to sit there and enter all your client’s data. You can set up automated bills for Xero and let Cosmic Bill do all the work for you!
  3. It can reduce your expenses. One of the greatest benefits of using automated bills extracted from Xero is avoiding hiring an accounts payable employee. While not having someone do your accounts payable may seem risky, this is a great way to reduce your expenses. Register now at: www.cosmicbills.com and get 500 bills free.

Is Accounts Payable Automation Necessary?

Accounts Payable automation is an important and rapidly growing field in the financial services industry. The implementation of Accounts payable automation increases a company’s efficiency. It reduces the number of clerical hours needed to process accounts payable.

This automation allows you to significantly cut down on errors and have fewer employees processing invoices, checks, and other forms related to accounts payable. Accounts payable automation software is now a common feature in software packages for mid-sized businesses.

Companies can use four steps to manage the accounts payable process. These are:

  • Receiving the invoice
  • Reviewing the invoice
  • Approving the invoice
  • Paying suppliers or vendors

Cosmic Bill is an app that allows users to scan their bills and send them to Xero.

Login now :www.cosmicbills.com and register and enjoy free 500 bills to upload  

Use Technology to Automate your Bills to Xero

  • The business world in Accounting Technology must embrace technological advancement Cosmic Bill is the ideal solution for businesses  who want to simplify their accounting processes.
  • Cosmic Bill uses artificial intelligence and optical character recognition technology to automatically extract accounting data from any type of PDF file to XERO.
  • The days of paper document management are diminishing. The impact of accounting technologies is irreversible. Enhancing the reliability and efficiency of book-keeping practices and workflows is the underlying goal of accounting enterprises that seek to improve productivity.
  • By using the Cosmic Bills application you can minimize the time spent on manually uploading your accounting data, providing a simple and automated process that makes your whole business more efficient.
  • Get ready to Scan your Bills to Xero now!!!


The Rise of Business Bills Automation
With the rise of the use of technology, there is a lot that businesses can automate. One of these things is business Bills automated for Xero.
There are many benefits to when you Scan Bill to Xero. The greatest benefit is that it saves time and money by automatically generating invoices, payments, and other paperwork.
Benefits of Business Bills Automation
Bills Automated to Xero offer a number of benefits to small business owners and one is that it creates a bookkeeping solution that is 100% automatic. Read on the learn more about the other benefits.

1. Consistency and Clarity

2. Better Management

3. Time Saving

4. Cost Effective

5. Security, Control, Convenience and Visibility



Do you want to increase efficiency in your business?  This is possible through our bills automation : Cosmic Bills App.  The greatest advantage of this  technology is that it will greatly reduce your labor  cost and thereby increase your profit.  How?

Our Bill Automation app allows business owners to reduce the cost of hiring employees to do manual data entry in processing bills into your Xero accounting system.  With the help of our AI technology, it will enable one employee to process and record huge transactions of bill payments in one batch processing and automatically post it in XERO accounting system. And since recording your bills is just a few clicks away, you save time, increase accuracy  and overtime pay for employees.

At Cosmic Bills, we make Bills  processing cheaper, easier and faster. Visit our website today at www.cosmicbills.com  to learn more about bills automation


 Integrating with Cosmic Bills and Xero to scan bills is very easy. First, we extract bills using PDF. This extraction uses an Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR). Combined with our AI technology, it then allows access and editing of the original bill before posting to Xero. You can process many bills simultaneously to Xero with 100% accuracy.

Bills automation is the future of every business in this 20th century. Get this AI technology to increase efficiency and reduce the operational cost of your business. Register Above


Are you still practicing manual data entry in recording your bills? Do you know that manual data entry in bills processing is diminishing ? We are working in a fast-paced industries where everything happens quickly and continuously.  And processing your bills manually will be time consuming and costly. Switching to bills automation is the only answer to cope up in a fast-paced workplace.  Using Cosmic Bills App, we automate your bills processing to XERO. It is fast, easy, accurate and cost-effective.

Secure the future of your business, purchase your Cosmic Bill App today. Contact us now



 There are businesses today that still persist to use manual data entry in processing bills into XERO. The primary reason is the high cost of automation. It is not so .  There is no need to hire professional IT people to implement, maintain, and train staff to use the system. However, manual bills processing is not cost-effective in the long run? There is a high rate of human error, high labor cost and time consuming.   Bills automation is the best option as we are now using full cloud advance technology accounting systems like Xero .  So one option is  to  scan bills  faster and easier to XERO using  CosmicBills.  It is the most advanced, simple, and cost-effective bill automation system today.

Switch to CosmicBill App and scan your bills to Xero visit our website at www.cosmicbills.com to learn more.

    What Is Cosmic Bills and its Effect On Accounts Payable !

  • Cosmic Bill App is an AI and OCR technology that automates your bills to XERO. Cosmic Bill uses PDF to extract bills.
  • The process of extraction uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR)and AI technology Cosmic Bills  allows users to upload bills with multiple line items in a matter of minutes.
  • The user can also easily edit the bill’s PDF copy before posting it to XERO.
  • Integrating Cosmic Bill App to XERO is the most convenient way to process a large number of bills simultaneously with 100% accuracy.
  • This is why business owners see Cosmic Bill as their automatic solution for processing the payment of their bills.
  • It enhances the efficiency of their business without increasing their labour cost. Streamline your bill processing. Purchase your Cosmic Bill App today.
  • Visit our website at www.cosmicbills.com



  • When you are transmitting data to another country, you are always at risk of security breaches and compromised data integrity. The improper handling and protection of confidential business information can lead to the loss of clients, as well as cause emotional distress and damage to your reputation.
  • We are committed to protecting and managing your business information with care and in accordance with our legal obligations. Cosmic Bill Automation app allows business owners to reduce the cost of hiring employees to do manual data entry in processing bills into their Xero accounting system.
    Keeping your data in Australia has benefits such as Safe data handling practices and Privacy protections.
  • Cosmic Bill is an AI (Artificial Intelligent) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that automates your bills to XERO. Cosmic Bill uses PDF to extract bills which guarantees Safe data handling practices and Privacy protections. It also automatically enters bills with line items into your Xero account.
    Login to:www.cosmicbills.com and register now and upload for 500 pdfs free to your Xero data file

How to Register in Quick Simple Steps Cosmic Bills to Xero

How to Split Lines, Add new lines, Delete lines 

How Cosmic Bills Scans 20 Bills In Less than 4 Minutes

How to Edit your Bills in various ways using Cosmic Bills for Xero data file 

How to use 3 payment method to send bills to Xero data file using Cosmic Bills

Continuation video on how to use payment method and edit Bills for Xero 

How to map your Suppliers to any Chart of Accounts using Cosmic Bills FOR Xero data file

Smart, simple data processing and approval tool for businesses

100% Automated Data Capture

Data capture without manual entry. Use CosmicBills to automate bookkeeping. 100% Automatic.

Line Items Extraction

All invoice data are extracted, including automatic tracking, inventory items and more

Paperless Expense Approval

Multi-level expense approval makes it easy for team to work together remotely.

The First invoice processing   

system that uses Deep Learning

Cosmic Bills automates your Bills, we will remove your Accounts payable painful task of entering multiple line items bills. We can reduce your cost of Accounts Payable and get your business automated.

Automated Bills Processing

Cosmic Bills removes your Accounts payable painful task of entering multiple line items bills. We can reduce your cost of Accounts Payable and get your business automated.

Full Integration

Fully Integrated with Reckon Accounts and QuickBooks Online.

All invoice data are extracted, including line items.
Only take a few seconds – super fast.
Drag/Drop, Upload, Scan or E-mail invoice direct to your QBO account

Deep Learning System

Cosmic Bills uses a Deep Learning network with algorithmic weightings. More accurate than a human*.

Cosmic Bills continues to learn everyday from our customers. If they make changes to the invoice data in their accounting software (Reckon Accounts or QuickBooks), Cosmic Bills will learn from the changes to inform our invoice data extraction engine to learn from its past and improve upon it.

Easy Integration

Learn How it Works

Cosmic Bills is very easy to integrate. Watch the video to learn how.

Lighting Speed Support

24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

We have a technical team to work with you. Leave everything to us to make your accounting process as smooth as silk. 

Smart Functionality

Artificial Intelligence

Cosmic Bills operates like a human mind does — sometimes better! Let’s take you on a tour for you to see how Cosmic Bills can get your accounts payable and other invoices done.