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Cosmic Bills automates your Bills, we will remove your Accounts payable painful task of entering multiple line items bills. We can reduce your cost of Accounts Payable and get your business automated.


How to process Bills with multiple line items into QBO

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At Cosmic Bills we understand your accounting process like Accounts Payable is a very important and timely requirement of a any medium to large business. Reduce your pain and cost of this process , we can promise we will reduce your cost of and get you most efficient system going


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Cosmic bills was created with the sole purpose of helping businesses save money. You don't have to hire a person to process your bills -- let Cosmic Bills do the job at a fraction of the cost!


Cosmic Bills  extracting ability of a bill with out any doubt will save massive amount of time and huge cost savings.


Cosmic bills bill scanning system functions on artificial intelligence. But this does not mean that it is complicated to use. Cosmic bills has a very user-friendly interface and anybody can use it with minimal training.

Our Story

We have been involved in Accounting technology for more than 25 years now .
Cosmic Bills has also another division of Cosmic Innovations and Cosmic Accounting Group.

Cosmic Innovations is the main branding arm to promote all software development.
Cosmic Accounting Group has 2 highly experienced partners : Chandra Wasan , FIPA, CTA
George Vourantonis, CA, and Registered Auditor. Both of them has over 25 years in Accounting and Tax experience.

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