Bills scanned to Xero

Scan your bills to Xero

Xero Pricing 

How to register Cosmic Bills to Xero Data file 

How to map suppliers into chart of accounts for Xero 

How to edit bills in details and manage duplicated bills

How to Map Suppliers to Chart of Accounts

How to register CosmicBills to Xero Data file (new video)

How to do Product Mapping 

How to split  line items and add another line items

How to approve your Bills easy and simple way 



Accounts Payable is a major and necessary function of   a medium to larger business.
If a business has lots of bills with multiple line items  and all needs to be entered manually, its a painful task.
Automation of Accounts Payable processing makes much more sense .
Using Cosmic Bills Most innovated Technology  with AI and Machine Learning technic, will reduce this manual and painful
processing  of bills.  Its fully cost effective we can reduce the Accounts Payable cost in every way

Cost Effective Accounting Solution

At Cosmic Bills we understand your accounting process like Accounts Payable is a very important and timely requirement of a any medium to large business. Reduce your pain and cost of this process , we can promise we will reduce your cost of and get you most efficient system going.

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