Every business follows the accounts payable process to manage invoices and debts of the company, and the accounts payable department is one of the most important in a business, yet also one of the hardest to optimize. Accounts payable automation refers to the technology that is used to streamline and automate the accounts payable process.
Luckily, with Cosmicbills, you can implement accounts payable automation to your processing to speed things up, thus, decreasing manual tasks and labor costs.
Few of the many benefits in automating your accounts payable include:
• Increased Productivity
• Great Labor Cost Savings
• Digitized documents
• Accessibility from Anywhere
Automating your accounts payable processes is the first and most important step in tightening up your daily operations. With Cosmicbills, all documentation can be easily and quickly processed or searched for immediate retrieval when necessary. This should give you peace of mind.
So, how do Cosmicbills automate your bills to Xero Accounting?
The Cosmicbills can automate your bills through initiating its process by capturing invoice data in a digital format; for instance, it captures and extracts invoice data through scanning methods, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition). And with the combined AI Technology, you are allowed to access and edit the original bill before posting to Xero.
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