3 Reasons You Should Automate Your Bills Using Cosmic Bills To Xero

The first step in your path to financial freedom is Automation. Once you’ve automated your bills, you can practically leave the world behind. If you want your bills extracted to Xero, you will love Cosmic Bills so much.

Not all bill software is the same, so let’s examine why a platform like Cosmic Bills beats the competition and why you should start automating your bills today.

I’m going to walk through 5 reasons you should automate your bills using Cosmic Bill and leave the reasoning in your hands.

  1. Cosmic Bill is connected to Xero. Once you scan your PDF files to Cosmic Bill, you can easily upload your scan bills to Xero.
  2. Save Time and Energy. Automating your bills saves you time by doing it for you. You don’t have to sit there and enter all your client’s data. You can set up automated bills for Xero and let Cosmic Bill do all the work for you!
  3. It can reduce your expenses. One of the greatest benefits of using automated bills extracted from Xero is avoiding hiring an accounts payable employee. While not having someone do your accounts payable may seem risky, this is a great way to reduce your expenses. Register now at: www.cosmicbills.com and get 500 bills free.


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