Process Your Bills Automatically 

Managing accounts payable manually is time-consuming and prone to errors. It can result in costly errors and bookkeeping problems for any small business. Why spend your valuable time doing something that will cost your business when there are better, cost-effective ways that allow you more time to work on other things?

Instead of entering your data manually, you can use a Bills Automation app that makes your job faster. Usually, entering say entering 10 to 12 bills with line items will more than 10 to 15 minutes or more. But, with the help of Cosmic Bill – an automation bill software this time can be reduced to minutes up to 3 to 8 minutes you upload up to 40 Bills in all one go .

You can save time, energy, and effort by generating all your bills automated to Xero. Automation bill software, like Cosmic Bill, is an easy way to do it. Register now at and get 500 bills free .