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Cosmic Bills will automate your Bills. The process is very easy, just upload or drag and drop your bills to Cosmic Bills and wait in just minutes. Once you’re done reviewing and editing (optional) bills are ready to export to Xero in seconds, with limitless line items. Our system are users friendly, navigating and processing is simple and easy. 

Cosmic Bills helps businesses to focus on other more important aspect of the business by saving time and cost on processing of bills. It ensures that accuracy and regulatory compliance were maintain. 

Cosmic Bills + Xero

Cosmic Bills integrates directly with Xero to automate your bills. No need to worry for single or multiple line items, no more manual entry! Cosmic Bills exports bills data into Xero as draft , awaiting approval or approved, depends on how you prefer to post your bills.

Our system can extract multiple line items, including GST. You have the option to map your supplier and product to automate your account code every time you upload your bills.

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