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Q6: How to pay/renew subscription,and update payment card details? 

How to pay or manually renew subscription?

  • Login Cosmic Bills, click the button “My Account” on the left sidebar.
  • Choose a plan and enter your card details then once done click Pay Now.


How to change your existing subscription plan?

  • Login Cosmic Bills go to “My Account > choose plan > enter card details then click Pay now button.

Note: the change will take place when the new subscription is paid.

How to update my credit card?

Login Cosmic Bills, go to Settings > Account Settings > Subscription: Update Card

Note: the new will be used for renewal

How to cancel automatic renewal?

Login Cosmic Bills, go to Settings > Account Settings > Subscription: Cancel Billing

Note: when it is due to renew manually, we will email you.

Further notes:

  • All subscriptions expire after all the usage subscribed is fully consumed.
  • When you renew, the new subscription period starting date is set as the new date of renewal.
  • Cosmic Bills does not hold your credit card data at all. We use the payment gate Stripe.


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